A Comprehensive Look at Atlanta Hawks’ NBA History

A Comprehensive Look at Atlanta Hawks’ NBA History

The Atlanta Hawks have been a significant part of the National Basketball Association (NBA) since 1949. Boasting numerous championship wins, Hall of Fame members, and home court records, the Hawks have made an undeniable mark in NBA history. In this article, we take an in depth look at the remarkable history of the Atlanta Hawks, including the teams impressive achievements and its current status.

Brief Introduction to Atlanta Hawks

The Atlanta Hawks are an American professional basketball team that competes in the NBA’s Eastern Conference Southeast Division. The team was founded in 1946 as the Buffalo Bison and had a short stint in the National Basketball League (NBL) before joining the NBA in 1949.

The team is currently owned by billionaire Tony Ressler and is coached by current head coach Lloyd Pierce. The Atlanta Hawks currently play their home games at State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Team’s Championship Wins

The Atlanta Hawks have won the 1959 NBA championship, the 1960 NBA championship, the 1961 NBA championship, and the 2015 NBA Eastern Conference championship.

The first three championships were won when the team was based in St. Louis, Missouri as the St. Louis Hawks; the 2015 championship was won in Atlanta, Georgia when the team was known as the Atlanta Hawks.

Hall of Fame Members

The Atlanta Hawks have had a total of 16 Hall of Fame members who have helped the team make its mark in the NBA. These Hall of Fame members include players Cliff Hagan, Bob Pettit, Lenny Wilkens, Dominique Wilkins, and Dikembe Mutombo, as well as coaches Ed Macauley and Don Nelson.

The team’s Hall of Fame also includes general managers Stan Kasten and Bob Ferry, sportscaster Chip Caray, player-coach Mike Fratello, and team founder Ben Kerner.

Home Court Records

Since joining the NBA in 1949, the Atlanta Hawks have had an impressive home court record. The team has an overall record of 578-506 at home, with a winning percentage of .533.

In the regular season, the team has recorded an impressive winning percentage of .539 (310-258) at home. The team has also been successful in the post season, with a winning percentage of .480 (68-73) at home in the playoffs.

Current Status

The Atlanta Hawks have had a strong presence in the NBA since 1949 and continue to impress. The team has had an impressive amount of success in the regular season, making it to the playoffs every year since 2008.

Currently, the team is ranked sixth in the Eastern Conference standings and is one of the most promising teams in the NBA.

The Atlanta Hawks are undoubtedly one of the NBA’s most historic teams. From its championship wins and Hall of Fame members to its robust home court records, the Hawks have made an undeniable mark in the league.

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