Haralabos Voulgaris - Legendary NBA Bettor

Haralabos Voulgaris - Legendary NBA Bettor

Haralabos Voulgaris is a legend in extreme88 sports betting world. His impressive $4 million annual income speaks for itself. Every year from November to June, he watches five NBA games a night on five different TV screens. In a 2013 interview with ESPN, he said he could make $3 or $4 million in good years and $1 million in bad years.

Statistical knowledge to understand data

Voulgaris does not rely on insider information or any other tricks to bet on NBA games. He combines extreme88 online's own statistical knowledge and basketball knowledge to understand the data. Of course, he has no fear and is very careful when betting. This kind of knowledge and understanding is difficult for ordinary people to cultivate in a short period of time.

Voulgaris' most famous bet

Voulgaris' most famous bet was at the extreme88 casino, early in the 2000 NBA season. He bet all of his hard-earned $80,000 that the Los Angeles Lakers would win the championship. Despite their reputation and being one of the favorites to win the title, the media and most fans don't believe they will succeed. Kobe had just been injured and the Western Conference was strong. The performance of the Lakers last season did not meet expectations. With only seven games to play, the Lakers' chances of winning the championship have expanded to one in 6.5.

Make Money Betting on NBA Games

Voulgaris saw his opportunity and took it. After the Lakers won the championship, he received $520,000. He said he never thought the Lakers were playing well, and that the media and gamblers were too focused on the small details to ignore the big picture. Despite a tough schedule and Bryant's absence, the Lakers won five of seven games. He has watched many Lakers games, and he is very confident in Phil Jackson's coaching style, and believes that the Lakers can achieve good results.

The story of Haralabos Voulgaris proves that with knowledge, care and a little luck, anyone can make a fortune betting on NBA games

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