Tetris Movie is Coming and It's Rising to the Challenge

Tetris Movie is Coming and It's Rising to the Challenge

The world of gaming has seen its fair share of adaptations. It’s become something of a classic exercise that video game studios have tried to emulate in the pursuit of more mainstream success. While some gaming adaptations have been rather successful, there have been more than a few missteps along the way.

What to Expect From the Tetris Movie

The last few years have seen a few hints that a Tetris movie was in the works, with the most recent news coming from the producers at Threshold Entertainment. That’s the same studio responsible for the 1995 classic Mortal Kombat, so you can bet that it’ll bring the same energy to this project.

According to early reports, the idea of the Tetris movie will involve “the tetriminos” coming to Earth and uniting together to save the world from an alien force. It’s not clear if the movie will explore the iconic game’s origins, but given the premise, it looks like it will be a unique mix of fantasy, science-fiction, and action.

A Tetris movie wouldn’t be complete without a classic Hollywood face on the cast list, and the project has managed to acquire quite a few. We’ve already got Academy Award-nominated actor Taron Egerton as the lead, as well as veteran stars Mark Strong, Lizzie Caplan, and Noah Taylor in supporting roles.

Building on the Legacy of Tetris

Of course, the main attraction of any Tetris movie will be the game itself. We can expect to see all the classic fun of the original game, such as the signature rotating blocks, the frantic speed of placing them, and the tension of getting left with an awkward space to fill.

According to the buzz around the movie, we can expect to see more than just the original game, as the movie will add some new features to the formula. Your favorite characters from the original game have been all given a dramatic makeover, and the movie promises to be full of exciting graphics and inspiring special effects.

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