The Rise of Jericho Rosales in Philippine Showbiz: Extreme88

The Rise of Jericho Rosales in Philippine Showbiz: Extreme88

As one of the Philippine showbiz industry's most beloved leading men, Jericho Rosales has seen it all - from tv dramas to indie films and more. With a career spanning over two decades, this renowned actor has come a long way since his showbiz debut in 1999. Read on to learn more about Jericho Rosales and his incredible rise to fame! Visit Extreme88 PH now!

Early Days

Though he almost didn't make it past the audition phase of the 1999 drama series Pangako Sa’yo, Jericho Rosales was chosen to play the role of Angelo Lim. Starring alongside Claudine Barretto, Jericho’s role in the series marked the beginning of his career in show business. From then on, he nabbed a variety of roles in both film and tv.

Rise to Stardom

Starting off his career as one of the new generation of idols, Jericho quickly worked his way up to leading man status. His first starring role came in 2001 when he appeared in the movie Paano Na Kaya. Playing alongside heartthrob Bea Alonzo, the movie saw success at the box office and further cemented Jericho's popularity among the Filipino audience.

By the following year, Jericho had already starred in a handful of tv series and movies. His steady climb to stardom continued and 2007 proved to be his most successful year, garnering him both acting awards and critical acclaim. It was in this year that he appeared as the lead in the hit movie Here Comes the Bride, which earned him the Best Actor award at the 2007 PMPC Awards.

Further Success

The following decade saw Jericho Rosales continue his success on the small and big screens. He starred in a variety of box office hits and tv dramas, and even ventured into indie films such as 2010's "Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliverios". This achievement earned him the Gawad Urian Award for Best Actor.

In recent years, Jericho's career has only gone from strength to strength. He was a series regular on the drama series “The Good Son”, which earned him his second PMPC Award for Best Primetime Actor. He also starred in the widely successful movie “Alone/Together”, and is said to be appearing in the upcoming film “My Lockdown Romance”.

The Future of Jericho Rosales

As one of today’s most beloved actors, Jericho Rosales shows no signs of slowing down. With two decades of experience under his belt, this actor continues to make waves in the Philippine show business. From popular teleseryes to indie films, Jericho's career is sure to keep us entertained for years to come.

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