Zeonic Front – A Mobile Suit Gundam Classic

Zeonic Front – A Mobile Suit Gundam Classic

Read on to get all the details of this classic game and check out our bonus casino game recommendations at the end. When the first manga series of Mobile Suit Gundam made its debut in 1979, it quickly changed the entire genre of mecha anime. Since then, dozens of games have been made to retell the story of the One Year War between the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon. On PlayStation 2, one of the most acclaimed of these games was Zeonic Front, a real-time strategy game set during the conflict.

The Zeonic Front Story

The main story of Zeonic Front is set in the UC (Universal Century) timeline, which is the same timeline as the original Mobile Suit Gundam series. Players take control of the Principality of Zeon, and the game follows their efforts to retake the vital Port Bailey, a strategic stronghold held by the Earth Federation forces. Players guide the Zeon forces through the familiar battles and events of the One Year War – successfully defending the A Baoa Qu space fortress, leading the Red Comet to his legendary victory at A Baoa Qu and more.

Gameplay Features

Zeonic Front is a real-time strategy game, where players control their troops in battle as time passes by. The game is divided into two areas – inside and outside of Mission Mode – with its own set of rules and mechanics. Mission Mode is where the main story takes place, and it’s here that players experience the battles of the One Year War. They take control of various mobile suits and face off against the forces of the Earth Federation. Players are given a set number of troops and can choose from over 30 side missions to take on. They can also change their troops’ loadouts, call in reinforcements and give orders to their troops.

Outside of Mission Mode, players can also explore a variety of extras, such as a character creator, Zeon Tactics mode, training mode, and more. This unlocks a whole new level of customisation, as players can create their own original characters and troops and use them in the battles of the One Year War. Players can also gather specialist troops and train them to use new tactics and strategies.

Graphics and Audio

Zeonic Front is a visually pleasing game, with character models based on illustrations from the original manga series. The music is also amazing and conveys the sense of adventure, danger and intensity of the battles perfectly.

Zeonic Front is a classic game that can bring nostalgia to the older fans of Mobile Suit Gundam and provide an exciting real-time strategy experience for the younger ones. With its great visuals, fantastic soundtrack, and immersive gameplay, Zeonic Front is a must-play for any fan of mecha anime.

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